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Crédit Photo :  Christophe Offret

Clac! is a Montreuil based theatre production created in 2018.

Montreuil is a town in the suburb of Paris.

Clac! questions what is a show nowadays.
Clac! combines a sharp observation of the contemporary world with the requirement of innovative and mainstream formats, both from the narrative point of view and the physical commitment of the actor.

Clac! who is it ?

Art direction, dramaturgy and staging Mathilde Saubole

Interpretation Aurélie Camus, Damien Carlet, Richard Chevallier, Sophie Gajan, Suzanne Galéa,Virginia Galvan Blas,Fanny Jarlot, Justine Lautrette, Odile Lavie,Virginia Quod, Mathilde Saubole, Anne Seiller, Lani Sogoyou...

General management and set Laurent Provost

Costume Mathilde Chollot

Assistant director/stage managerEmeline Roy

Light Creation Fanny Jarlot

Sound CreationWinning tickets Julian Grunberg

GraphicsWinning tickets Clemence Moreau

Administration A certain idea of paradise Emeline Herve

Payroll management On va vers le beau

Our friends

Josephine Lajeat, director.

Christophe Offret, Photographer.

Compagnie Mmm...

Compagnie l'Arbre à vache


Our support L'Annexe, résidence d'accompagnement 2019-2021, Le Théâtre de La Girandole, Le Théâtre Paris Villette, La Ville de Montreuil.

Clac! est membre du réseau RAVIV depuis 2020. L'association bénéficie du Dispositif Local d'Accompagnement dispensé par la FOL 93.

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